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Other papers in working format are available in the online proceedings volumes of the Austrian Scholars Conference 8 and Austrian Scholars Conference 7. Other Austrian working papers at: GMU Working Papers.

A Perspective on Post New Economy Business Cycle Behavior
by Joseph Calandro (University of Connecticut)

The Mystery of Adam Smith Resolved
by Mark Thorton (Mises Institute; Auburn University)

Libertarianism and Positive Rights: Comments on Katz’s Reply
by Nicolas Maloberti (Bowling Green State University)

Why Libertarians Should Reject Positive Rights
by Joshua Katz (Texas A&M)

Rothbardian-Randian Ethics and the Coming Methodenstreit in Libertarian Ethical Science
by Adam Knott (Sequim, Washington)

On the Viability of Subscription Patrol and Restitution Services
by Gil Guillory and Brian Drake ((Woodlands, TX) )

Internal vs. external explanations: a new perspective on the history of economic thought
by Walter Block, Christopher Westley, Alexandre Padilla ((University of Loyola, New Orleans; Jacksonville State; Met State College of Denver) )

The Entrepreneurial Organization of Heterogeneous Capital
by Kirsten Foss, Nicolai J. Foss, Peter G. Klein, and Sandra K. Klein (Copenhagen Business School and University of Missouri)

On the Impossibility of "Just Compensation" When Property Is Taken: An Ethical and Epistemic Inquiry
by John Brätland (US Department of the Interior)

The Theory of the Firm and Its Critics: A Stocktaking and Assessment
by Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein (Copenhagen Business School and University of Missouri)

Mises, Rothbard, and the Methodology of Austrian Economics
by Stephen D. Parsons (De Montfort University)

Can Good Apples Be Mixed With Bad Economics? A Mengerian Critique Of The Alchian And Allen Theorem
by William Anderson and Scott Kjar (Frostburg State University and Georgia Perimeter College)

My Case for Coauthoring
by Walter Block (Loyola University)

Science and Government: A Diangerous Liason?
by William Butos and Thomas J. McQuade (Trinity College and New York University)

Two Natural Rates: Friedman and the Austrians
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)

Explaining Malinvestment and Overinvestment
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)

The Chicago School's Concept of Property Rights: The Coase Theorem and Antitrust Revisionism
by Ivan Jankovic (Hayek Institute Belgrade)

The Use of Knowledge about Society
by DW MacKenzie (Ramapo College of New Jersey)

Oskar Lange and the Impossibility of Economic Calculation
by D.W. MacKenzie

Internal vs. external explanations: a new perspective on the history of economic thought
by Walter Block, Christopher Westley, Alexandre Padilla ((University of Loyola, New Orleans; Jacksonville State; Met State College of Denver) )

Social Dividends, Entrepreneurial Discretion, and Bureaucratic Rules
by DW MacKenzie (Ramapo College of New Jersey)

Were the Socialists really wrong about Economic Calculation?
by DW MacKenzie (Ramapo College of New Jersey)

Monetary Policy in a Hayekian Supply Side Model
by Antony Mueller ((University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil)

The Austrian School of Economics
by Amir Azad (George Mason University)

Sigmund Freud and Ludwig von Mises: The Family Resemblance of Two Meta-Pessimists
by Mark R. Sunwall (University of Hyogo)

Foundations in economic methodologies: The use of mathematics by mainstream: economics and its methodology by Austrian economics
by Robert Wutscher (University of Cape Town)

A Heretical Essay on Wittgenstein’s Meta-Ethics
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

Deepening the Irony of Thomas More’s Utopia: A Mises/Hayek Perspective
by Sam Bostaph (University of Dallas)

Economic Development: An Individualist Methodology
by Amir Azad (George Mason University)

Was Richard Cantillon a Mercantilist?
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

Unreal Bills Doctrine
by Sean Corrigan (Zurich, Switzerland)

Vatican City as a Free Society: Legal Order, and Political Theology
by Carlo Lottieri (University of Siena and Istituto Bruno Leoni)

Cantillon, Hume, and the Rise of Anti-Mercantilism
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

In the Praenumbra of Praxiology: Towards a Thymology of Tyranny based on the Psychology of Hegemonic Bonds
by Mark R. Sunwall (Hyogo University)

On Societal Ascendance and Collapse: An Austrian Challenge to Jared Diamond's Explications
by John Brätland (U.S. Department of the Interior)

Can Market Forces Solve Environmental Problems? Neoclassical vs. Austrian Analytics
by Sebastian Storfner (University of Central England, Birmingham, UK)

Entrepreneurial-Discovery, Policy, and the Tao (Way) of Economic Efficacy: Updating the Wang Bi Commentary on the Tao Te-Ching
by Jude Chua Soo Meng (Acton Institute/National University of Singapore)

Tariffs, Wars, and the Economics of Protection: Lessons from the History of American Textile
by Leo Adrianus (University of Buffalo)

On Austrian Value Theory and Economic Calculation
by Dan Mahoney (Mirant-Americas)

The Austrian School in the NBER's Business Cycle Studies
by Greg Kaza (Arkansas Policy Foundation)

Inflationary Deception: How Banks Are Evading Reserve Requirements and Inflating the Money Supply
by Charles T. Hatch (Gardnerville, NV)

Roundheads, Whigs, and Decivilization: A Hoppean Analysis of Stuart England
by Jason Jewell (Faulkner University)

Derivations for "On Gallaway and Vedder on Stabilization Policy"
by William Barnett and Walter Block (Loyola University New Orleans)

The Role of Saving in the Process of Income Formation
by Wladimir Kraus (Universitat Paderborn)

The Costs of War: U.S. Social Security as a Civil-War Legacy
by Dale Steinreich (Drury University)

Present Payments, Past Wrongs: Correcting Impressions from Nozick on Restitution
by Jan Narveson (University of Waterloo)

A Legal and Economic Analysis of Graffiti
by Daniel J. D'Amico and Walter Block (George Mason University and Loyola University New Orleans)

The End of the Externality Revolution
by Andy Barnett and Bruce Yandle (Auburn University and Clemson)

The Development and Present State of the Theory of Entrepreneurship in Product and Asset Markets by Knight, Hayek, Schumpeter, Mises, Kirzner, Shackle, and Lachmann
by J. Stuart Wood (Loyola University New Orleans)

On Method And Ethics In Rawlsian Investment Rules Designed to Achieve 'Intergenerational Equity'
by John Braetland (U.S. Department of the Interior)

Self-Ownership and the Lockean Proviso
by Tibor R. Machan ((Chapman University))

Ludwig von MIses, Meet Benjamin Graham: Value Investing from an Austrian Point of View
by Chris Leithner (Leithner Investments Pty Ltd)

Entrepreneurship and Self-Finance: Theoretical Explanations for the Empirical Importance of the Capitalist-Entrepreneur
by Richard C.B. Johnsson (Sigtuna, Sweden)

Two Philosophers Skeptical of Liberty
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

The Price of Private Law: A Critical Analysis of Murray Rothbard's Model for Common Law Juridcal Systems in the Free Society
by Jonathan C. Bond (University College London)

An Ethical Route to Stanley Park: A Private Property Reflection on Investment in Professional Football Clubs
by Daniel Blackshields (University College, Cork, Ireland)

Monetarist Business Cycle Theories: a Critique
by Peter R.A. van Maanen (University of Amsterdam)

High Priests and Lowly Philosophers: The Battle for the Soul of Economics
by Peter J. Boettke, Chistopher J. Coyne, and Peter T. Leeson (George Mason University)

Interest and the Marginal Product of Capital: Böhm-Bawerk versus Samuelson
by Robert Murphy (Hillsdale College)

Socialism: Still Impossible After All These Years
by Peter J. Boettke and Peter T. Leeson (George Mason University)

Entrepreneurship and the Economic Theory of the Firm: Any Gains from Trade?
by Nicolai J. Foss and Peter G. Klein (Copenhagen Business School and University of Missouri)

Were the Socialists really wrong about Calculation?
by DW MacKenzie (Ramapo College)

Business Cycles in an International Context
by Lucas M. Engelhardt (Grove City College)

The Socialist Calculation Debate Revisited: the Case Study of Vietnam
by Cuong Nguyen (Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, the Netherlands)

Murray Rothbard on Sen. Joseph P. McCarthy
by Marcus Epstein (The College of William and Mary)

Taxation and Domestic Free Trade: The Ricardian Revolution
by Richard C.B. Johnsson ((Ratio Institute))

Capital in Disequilibrium: An Austrian Approach to Recession and Recovery
by Noah Yetter and John P. Cochran (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

An Austrian Critique of Neo-Classical Monopsony Theory
by Walter Block and William Barnett (Loyola University New Orleans)

Private Solutions to Positive Externalities: Military Expenditures, Insurance, and Call Options
by Robert Murphy (Hillsdale College)

Property Rights, Incentives, and Government Intervention: Explaining the Rise of Omnipotent Management
by Alexandre Padilla and Adrei Kreptul (The Metropolitan State College of Denver and Seattle University School of Law)

Evidence Regarding the Structure of Production
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)

Ex ante and ex post: What Does Rod Stewart Really Know Now?
by Art Carden, Walter Block, Stephen Carson (Washington University in St. Louis, Loyola University in New Orleans)

A Fifth Method of Fixing Belief? Some Peircean Reflections on Methodological Apriorism
by Steven Yates (Columbia, SC)

Sen and Sensibility: Rationality and Freedom Re-examined
by Kaushik Das (Finolex Ind. Ltd, India)

Realism and Abstraction in Economics: Aristotle and Mises versus Friedman
by Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)

Antitrust Does Not Protect Competition: A critique of the proposed Antitrust regulation in Serbia
by Ivan Jankovic (Belgrade University)

Böhm-Bawerk’s Vision Of The Capitalist Economic Process: Intellectual Influences and Conceptual Foundations
by Joseph T. Salerno ((Pace University))

Do Current Account Deficits Matter?
by Antony P. Mueller (University of Caxias do Sul, Brazil)

Economic Theory of Sustainability: Its Foundational Errors and an Inquiry into Its Valid Principles
by John Brätland (U.S. Department of the Interior)

Menger's Austrian Aristotelianism: The Link Between Misesian Praxeology and the Philosophy of Human Flourishing
by Edward W. Younkins (Wheeling Jesuit University)

Agent Causation Defended: Theorists v. Their Theories
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

Responding to Steele
by Robert Murphy (Hillsdale College)

Economics in Defense of Liberty: The Contribution of Murray Rothbard
by Benjamin Powell and Edward Stringham (San Jose State University)

Power and Liberalism
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

Capital Based Macroeconomics: Boom and Bust in Japan and the US
by John P. Cochran and Noah Yetter (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Christian Ethics, Formal Institutions, and Economic Growth
by William Art Carden (Washington University in Saint Louis)

The Prehistory of Modern Economic Thought: The Aristotle in Austrian Theory
by Justin Ptak (Institute for Business Cycle Research)

Action, Coordination, and Exchange: Voluntary Response to Stimuli in Profit-Seeking Endeavors
by Justin Ptak (Institute for Business Cycle Research)

A Defense of the Traditional Austrian Theory of Interest
by Paul Cwik (Auburn University)

Oakeshott and Mises on Understanding Human Action
by Gene Callahan (Mises Institute)

The Value and Limits of Democracy
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

Harm Reduction and Sin Taxes: Why Gary Becker is Wrong
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

Austrian Economics in the 1970s as Seen by the First Ten Issues of the Austrian Economics Newsletter
by Hiroyuki Okon (Kokugakuin University, Tokyo, Japan)

1922: A Watershed Year for Mises and Hayek
by Shigeki Tomo (Kyoto-Sangyo University in Japan)

Richard Cantillon and the Discovery of Opportunity Cost
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

Contestability: A New Theory of Natural Monopoly and a Vain Quest to Regulate Efficiency
by John Brätland (U.S. Department of the Interior)

A Typology of Interventionist Dynamics
by Robert L. Bradley, Jr. (Institute for Energy Research)

The Search for the Elusive 'War Power'
by Joseph Stromberg (Mises Institute)

by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

The Constitutional Right of Secession in Political Theory and History
by Andrei Kreptul (Seattle University School of Law)

Stiglitz on Globalization
by D.W. MacKenzie (Ramapo College)

Private Provision of Public Goods: Theoretical Issues and Some Examples from Maritime History
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)

From Mises to Morgenstern: The Austrian School of Economics during the Ständestaat
by Hansjörg Klausinger (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration)

Speculative Imperatives in the Economic Conservation of Petroleum and the Abortive Institutions of Petroleum Exploitation
by John Brätland (U.S. Department of the Interior)

DiLorenzo and His Critics on the Lincoln Myth
by James Ostrowski (Buffalo, New York)

Why the GDP Shows No Bust, But GDR Does
by Richard C.B. Johnsson (University of Uppsala, Sweden)

Heterogeneous Capital, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Organization
by Nicolai Foss, Kirsten Foss, Peter G. Klein, Sandra K. Klein (Copenhagen Business School, University of Georgia)

A Critique of Bray Hammond's Banks and Politics in America, from the Revolution to the Civil War
by Scott Trask (Mises Institute)

The Panic of 1837 and the Contraction of 1839-43: A Reassessment of its Causes from an Austrian Perspective and a Critique of the Free Banking Interpretation
by Scott Trask (Mises Institute)

Who Predicted the Bubble? Who Predicted the Crash?
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

Two Cheers for Deflationary Monetary Policy
by Joseph T. Salerno (Pace University)

Deflation Teaser? Klondike Bars and the Golden 1890s in Canada
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

Skyscrapers and Business Cycles
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

Agency Theory, Evolution, and Austrian Economics
by Alexandre Padilla (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Philosophy vis-à-vis the Free Society
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

The United Nations Charter and the Delusion of Collective Security
by Joseph Stromberg (The Mises Institute)

Freeing Me to Be Moral: A Thomistic Rejoinder to the Hart-Devlin Debate on Civil Liberties and Moral Legalism
by Jude Chua Soo Meng (University of Notre Dame)

Capital, Credit Expansions, and the Subsistence Fund
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)

The Use of Knowledge about Society
by D.W. MacKenzie (George Mason University)

Prohibition vs. Legalization: Do Economists Reach a Conclusion on Drug Policy?
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

False Ownership, False Prices: On the Nature of Economic Error
by Dan Mahoney (Mirant-Americas)

Fiduciary Media and Banking in Medieval Venice Revisited
by Johnsson, Richard C.B. (University of Uppsala, Sweden)

The Regulation of Insider Trading as an Agency Problem
by Alexandre Padilla (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Descartes and Methodological Doubt: Was the Cogito Necessary?
by Steven Yates (Mises Institute)

The "Market" for Academic Research
by Mark Thornton (Mises Institute)

Hopp(e)ing Onto New Ground: A Rothbardian Proposal for Thomistic Natural Law as the Basis for Hans-Hermann Hoppe's Praxeoogical Defense of Private Property
by Jude Chua Soo Meng (National University of Singapore)

The Assault on Logic
by Steven Yates (Mises Institute)

An Austrian Taxonomy of Deflation
by Joseph T. Salerno (Pace University)

The Property Economics of Agency Problems
by Alexandre Padilla (George Mason University)

Property Rights and Misallocation
by Dan Mahoney (Mirant-Americas)

Relative Prices and the Business Cycle
by James Keeler (Kenyon College)

The Economist as the Historian of Decline: Ludwig von Mises and Austria Between the Two World Wars
by Richard Ebeling (Hillsdale College)

Price Gouging and Calculation
by Daniel Mahoney (Mirant-Americas)

What's Worst About Taxation and What can Take its Place?
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

A (Qualified) Defense of Böhm-Bawerk’s "Third Cause" of Interest
by Robert P. Murphy (New York University)

From the Bosom of Communism to the Central Control of EU Planners: The Case of the Czech Republic
by Josef Sima (Liberalni Institut, Prague)

The Nihilism of the Economic Analysis of Law
by Elisabeth Krecké (University of Aix-Marseille III, France)

Lessons from the Other Side of the Atlantic: The European Union as an American Phenomenon
by Myles Kantor (Boynton Beach, Florida)

Wittgenstein, Austrian Economics, and the Logic of Action
by Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)

Is Utilitarianism Scientifically Tenable?
by Jacob Halbrooks (Tufts University)

Two Constructions of Libertarianism
by Chandran Kukathas (Australian Defense Force Academy)

The Ethical Foundation of the Market Economy: Reflections on the Economic Personalism of Luigi Sturzo
by Flavio Felice (Centro Internazionale Studi Sturziani)

Austrian Business Cycles, Plucking Models, and Real Business Cycles
by John P. Cochran and Steven Call (Metropolitan State College of Denver)

Renaissance Literature and Capitalism
by Paul Cantor (University of Virginia)

Value Freedom, Laissez Faire, Mises and Rothbard: A Comment on Prof. Jones
by Walter Block (University of Central Arkansas)

The Role of Private Enterprise in America's 19th Century Internal Improvements Debate
by Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola College in Maryland)

Say's Law: Were (Are) the Critics Right?
by William Anderson (North Greenville College)

Networks, Anarcho-Capitalism, and the Paradox of Cooperation
by Bryan Caplan and Edward Stringham (George Mason University)

Frédéric Bastiat as an Austrian Economist
by Mark Thornton (Columbus State University)

How Should We Define the Money Supply?
by Nicolas Bouzou (University of Paris-Dauphine)

Coordination vs. Efficiency
by Robert Murphy (New York University)

European Unification as the New Frontier
by Carlo Lottieri (University of Siena)

Reconstructing America: Consolidation of State Power, 1865-1890
by Thomas DiLorenzo (Loyola College)
September 14, 2000

The Austrian and Neoconservative Views of the Market
by David F. Dieteman (Catholic University)
August 30, 2000

On the Representation Theorems of Neoclassical Utility Theory: A Comment
by Daniel Mahoney (Atlanta, Georgia)
August 21, 2000

Why Professor Tullock is Wrong on the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle
by Martin Stefunko (University of Bratislava)
August 12, 2000

A Comment on Murphy's Divided Preferences
by Jeffrey Herbener (Grove City College)
July 18, 2000

Utility Functions and Divided Preferences: A Note on Hülsmann
by Robert P. Murphy (New York University; Mises Institute)
July 14, 2000

Human Action: A Summary
by Martin Stefunko (Economic University of Bratislava)
June 29, 2000

The IMF Bailout in Korea: A Socialist Poison
by Bong Joon Yoon (State University of New York at Binghamton)
June 7, 2000

Why the Present Monetary System Cannot Be Reformed
by Frank Shostak (Ord Minnett, Australia)
June 1, 2000

Privateering and National Defense: Naval Warfare for Private Profit
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)
May 5, 2000

An Appropriate Ethical Model for Business
by Richard Wilcke (University of Louisville)
May 5, 2000

Drexel Burnham Lambert: A Ten-Year Retrospective
by Jeff Scott (Wells Fargo, San Francisco)
May 5, 2000

On the Origin of Property Rights: A Critique of Hoppe and Rothbard on Ethics
by Timothy Terrell (Wofford College)
May 5, 2000

Regulation and the Standing to Sue
by Timothy Terrell (Wofford College)
May 5, 2000

Two Lands on One Soil: The Northern Ireland Question from a Property Rights' Perspective
by Edmund Shanahan (University College Dublin)
May 5, 2000

Austrian Economics and the End of Socialism
by Ivan Pongracic (Indiana Wesleyan University)
May 5, 2000

The Failures of International Financial Crisis Management
by Antony P. Muller (Univesidade Federal de Santa Catarina)
May 5, 2000

The Intellectual Origins of Modern Catholic Social Teaching on Economics
by William Luckey (Christendom College)
May 5, 2000

Is Intellectual Property Legitimate?
by Stephan Kinsella (South Texas College of Law)
May 5, 2000

Political Entrepreneurship and the Democratic Allocation of Economic Resources
by Randall Holcombe (Florida State University)
May 5, 2000

The 14th Amendment and the Perils of Libertarian Centralism
by Gene Healy (Washington, D.C.)

A Critique of Distributivism
by Todd Flanders (Acton Institute)
May 5, 2000

Eco-Industrial Parks and the Rediscovery of Inter-Firm Recycling Linkages
by Pierre Desrochers (Johns Hopkins University)
May 5, 2000

Urban Diversity, Human Creativity and Technology Combination
by Pierre Desrochers (Johns Hopkins University)
April 5, 2000

The Law Versus the Marketplace: Spontaneous Order in Jonson's Batholomew Fair
by Paul Cantor (University of Viginia)
April 5, 2000

Austrians and Their Precursors on Taxation
by Mark Brandly (Ball State University)
April 5, 2000

Property and Happiness in Thomas Jefferson's Political Thought
by Marco Bassani (Università di Milano)
April 5, 2000

The 'True' Money Supply: A Measure of the Supply of the Medium of Exchange in the U.S. Economy (AEN, Spring 1987)
by Joseph T. Salerno (Pace University)

A Compendium of Kirzner and Rothbard
by John Cobin (Universidad Finis Terrae)
February 9, 2000

Chasing Phantoms in a Hollow Defense of Coase
by Roy Cordato (Campbell University)
January 24, 2000

What's with the Right to be Wrong?
by Tibor R. Machan (Chapman University)

Death Taxes: Theory, History, and Evidence
by Alex Tabarrok (Independent Institute)
December 1, 1999

The Private Production of Defense
by Hans-Hermann Hoppe (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
November, 30, 1999

The Antitrusts Economists' Paradox
by Thomas J. DiLorenzo (Loyola Collegee)
Summer 1991

The Anarcho-Capitalist Political Theory of Murray N. Rothbard: Its Historical and Intellectual Context
by Roberta Modugno ((LUISS))
October 4, 1999

Radical Privatization of Gold: A Critique of Friedman, Mundell, Hayek, and Greenspan
by Walter Block (University of Central Arkansas)
October 19, 1999

The Natural Rate of Unemployment Hypothesis: The Role of Monetary Policy Revisited
by Steven T. Call, John P. Cochran, Fred R. Glahe (Metro. State College of Denver and University of Colorado-Boulder)
September 24, 1999

Epstein on Alienation: A Rejoinder
by Walter Block (University of Central Arkansas)
August 23, 1999

Siegan Brought Up-to-Date: A Critical View of the Expansion of Zoning in Santiago, Chile
by John Cobin (Universidad Finis Terrae)
August 8, 1999

The Calculus of Consent Revisited
by Walter Block and Thomas DiLorenzo (University of Central Arkansas and Loyola College)
August 3, 1999

Free Market Economies: Reply to Dwight Murphey
by Walter Block (University of Central Arkansas)
August 3, 1999

Market-Inalienability Once Again: Reply to Radin
by Walter Block (University of Central Arkansas)
August 3, 1999

Murray Rothbard's Ethics of Liberty: What It Is and What It Is Not
by Candice Jackson (Pepperdine University School of Law and The Mises Institute)
August 2, 1999

The Success of the Great Depression Tax Revolts
by Mark Thornton and Chetley Weise (Ludwig von Mises Institute)
August 2, 1999

Industrial Ecology, Market Processes, and the Creation of 'Industrial Loops': A Critical Reappraisal
by Pierre Desrochers (University of Montreal)
July 30, 1999

The Economics of Destutt de Tracy
by Timothy D. Terrell (Liberty University)
July 28, 1999

American Shipbuilders in the Heyday of Sail: Their Rise and Decline
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)
Revised April 1998

A Synthesis of Austrian and Classical Economics: George Reisman's Capitalism
by Larry Sechrest (Sul Ross University)
March 1999

Do Entrepreneurs Make Predictable Mistakes? Evidence from Corporate Divestitures
by Peter G. Klein and Sandra K. Klein (University of Georgia)
July 1999

Entrepreneurship, Margins, and Contract Theory
by Nicolai J. Foss (Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Industrial Economics and Strategy)
July 13, 1999

Organizing Economic Experiments: The Role of Firms
by Kirsten Foss and Nicolai J. Foss (Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Industrial Economics and Strategy)
March 17, 1999

Austrian Economics and Game Theory: A Stocktaking and an Evaluation
by Nicolai Foss (Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Industrial Economics and Strategy)
June 16, 1999

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