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How to use RSS now offers audio and video podcasting:, and For iTunes users [download program here], you can manually add the Mises Podcast feeds and enjoy the benefits the podcasting feature has to offer. Do a search for "Mises" on the iTunes site and subscribe; or, to do it manually: go to the Menu >> Advanced >> Subscribe to Podcast. This opens a dialog box which requires the URL of the podcast (for example, Paste the URL in the box, then click OK. Next, go the sidebar and select Podcasts. There, you will see your subscription to the Mises Podcast. You may then click the arrow to see earlier feeds, which you can download by clicking the Get button.

(For more on podcasting, see the Wikipedia)

Several other areas of are also available via RSS. Using free software, you can have all the headlines on topics that interest you delivered to your desktop on a daily basis. With RSS you no longer have to visit your favorite Web site several times a day to find out the latest news; instead, you open up your newsreader and see all the site's headlines without ever leaving your desktop software. This can be done with hundreds or thousands of sites.

To use RSS, you can first install RSS reader software. There are many readers available for download from the Yahoo Directory or Blogspace. Some slimmed-down desktop readers are SharpReader and RSS Bandit.

The following urls provide the Mises RSS feeds.  Copy and paste the urls listed below into the RSS reader of your choice and enjoy new headlines as they arrive. Note that clicking on these links will not display any data in your browser, you must use an RSS reader to automatically have headlines delivered to your desktop.  Webmasters: To display Mises content on your site, you need to parse the RSS feed. The receiving site has to do a little bit of scripting - but it's not overly difficult (for example, in ASP).


Content Feeds:

To include this content in your website, just copy and paste the code below into the source of your website.

Random quote:



HTML Javascript:
<script language="Javascript" src=""></script>
HTML Frame (Fixed size):
<iframe src="" height="60" 
width="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>
Daily Article:

If you have PHP, use this code:


(Change the size variable to make the feed wider or narrower.)

If your server doesn't support PHP, you can use an IFRAME tag:

<iframe src="" width="400"
height="350" frameborder="0"></iframe>



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