Antiwar Studies in the JLS

NOTE: The JLS is now published by the Mises Institute. All files are downloadable in .pdf format.

Harry Elmer Barnes, Pearl Harbor After a Quarter of a Century. [Left and Right, 1968](This 124-page article has a very long loading time)

Justus Doenecke, American Isolationism: 1939-1941

Justus Doenecke, Explaining the Anti-War Movement, 1939-1941: The Next Assignment

Justus Doenecke, The Isolationist as Collectivist: Lawrence Dennis and The Coming of World War II

Justus Doenecke, The Literature of Isolation, 1972-1983: a Bibliographic Guide

Garet Garrett, The American Empire [Left and Right, Winter 1966]

Leonard Liggio, Isolationism, Old and New, Part I". [Left and Right, Winter 1966]

Leonard Liggio, Why the Futile Crusade? [From Left and Right, Spring 1965]

Jonathan Marshal, Empire or Liberty: The Anti-federalists and Foreign Policy, 1787-1788"

Ronald Radosh, America's Entry into World War II [Left and Right, Autumn 1967]

Sheldon Richman, The Anti-war Abolitionists: The Peace Movement's Split Over the Civil War

Murray N. Rothbard, Foreign Policy of the Old Right

Murray N. Rothbard, World War I as Fulfillment: Power and the Intellectuals

Joseph R. Stromberg Felix Morley: an old fashioned Republican critic of statism and interventionism.

Joseph R. Stomberg The War for Southern Independence: A Radical Liberatarian Perspective.

Carl Watner Those "Impossible Citizens": Civil Resistants in 19th Century New England


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