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Home Study Course in Austrian Economics
Prepared by Professor Robert Murphy

This course provides an in-depth overview of the modern Austrian School, its theory, approach to history, and policy implications. The coursework is divided into 52 lessons to cover 52 weeks, a complete year of study that can be pursued at home (enrollment in the classroom forum requires separate tuition). With the Home Study Course, you can stick to the schedule or go at your own pace. Purchase now.

The year-long course is designed by Professor Robert Murphy (PhD, NYU) who teaches economics at Hillsdale College. Each week covers one topic discussed in an hour-long lecture and related readings. It includes study questions to guide your learning and research. The audio lectures were selected from among hundreds of hours of lectures so that you are given access to the best of the best, with lectures by great Austrian economists ranging over 30 years. In other words, it gives you what no live classroom can, which is the opportunity to study with a huge faculty of specialists and their speeches over a long span of time.

The lessons are divided into these general areas: The Core of Austrian Theory, Ethical Foundations, Applied Economic Topics, Government Distortions, Economic History, Alternative Schools of Thought, and Perspectives on the Past and Future. Within each are the 52 lectures, tied to readings from the Austrian literature.

The boxed set arrives with a Study Guide, 16 books, a Supplemental Readings packet, and 52 hours of audio lectures. Everything is included. You do not need internet access to undertake and complete the course. The full price for the set is $350. It includes:

  1. Home Study CD, with 52 hours of lectures (format: MP3 on CD) from Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Walter Block, Joseph Salerno, Thomas DiLorenzo, Thomas Woods, Jörg Guido Hülsmann, George Reisman, Ralph Raico, Robert Higgs, Roger Garrison, Peter Klein, Jeffrey Herbener, Mark Thornton, Lew Rockwell, David Gordon, Richard Vedder, Richard Ebeling, David Osterfeld, and Robert Murphy. In addition, there are classic lectures by Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Robert LeFevre
  2. Complete 52-week Study Guide with study questions
  3. Supplemental Readings packet
  4. The following complete books:
    1. 15 Great Austrian Economists, Randall Holcombe
    2. Against Leviathan, Robert Higgs
    3. An Introduction to Economic Reasoning, David Gordon
    4. Introduction to Austrian Economics, Thomas Taylor
    5. Antitrust: The Case for Repeal, D.T. Armentano
    6. Austrian Theory of the Trade Cycle and Other Essays, by Mises et al.
    7. Chaos Theory, Robert Murphy
    8. Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, Ludwig von Mises
    9. Economic Science and the Austrian Method, Hans-Hermann Hoppe
    10. Economics for Real People, Gene Callahan
    11. Economics in One Lesson, Henry Hazlitt
    12. Economics of Liberty, ed. Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
    13. Education: Free and Compulsory, Murray Rothbard
    14. Theory and History, Ludwig von Mises
    15. Two Essays by Ludwig von Mises, Ludwig von Mises
    16. What Has Government Done to Our Money?, Murray Rothbard

There is no better way to study Austrian economics than from this organized curriculum, many years in preparation. It will train you to think through all economic problems. Whether you are preparing for college, graduate school, professional life, or just want to sharpen your economic and political world view, this is the ideal program. Order the Home Study Course now.

(Items in the course are part of a package, and there is no discount for excluded items; only the books are sold separately)

Learn Austrian economics from the masters. Gain confidence in your ability to think like an Austrian economist. Start your studies today!


Online Admissions to the Home Study Course in Austrian Economics
Tutored by Professor Robert Murphy

Whether you are looking to start a degree, finish a degree, or continue your education, enrollment in the Mises Classroom fits your intellectual demands and schedule. This program enrolls in the Home Study Course in a real-time classroom environment directed by Professor Robert Murphy. He is one of the most prolific writers and brilliant young teachers in Austrian economics today. He received his PhD from New York University, is author of Chaos Theory, and currently teaches at Hillsdale College.

He is directing the course at the forum of the Mises Classroom, a wonderful technology that permits the closest possible intellectual interaction. Enrollment gets you:

  • The complete Home Study Course (including all 52 hours of lectures, 16 books, supplemental readings, and study guide);
  • Direct professor/student mentoring;
  • A classroom environment where you can submit writings, ask questions of the professor, receive additional guidance and clarification, and interact with current and past students in the Mises Classroom, and for a full 18 months;
  • Access to audio and study materials online;
  • Opportunities to engage the professor and/or other students on any topic as it relates to extended readings and related contemporary issues;
  • Directed readings deeper within the Austrian literature;
  • Opportunities for seminar-style Q&A, possibly including guest faculty.

This is the ultimate online study course, providing ongoing interaction toward achieving the highest level of understanding.

You can begin your study anytime and go at your own pace. The professor will be there to guide you through on a continuing basis, and assist your studies. You can complete the course and graduate with an oral examination (or you can decline this option), and thereby be listed among the graduates of the program. Upon successful completion, the Mises Institute will issue a certificate, signed by the professor, that the student can present to his or her college or university. Some college credit may be available depending on the institution.

The total price of the Home Study Course with interactive tutoring in the online classroom is $2,700, an outstanding value for such extended study and . If you have already purchased the Home Study Course, the price is $2,350. Either option brings you 18 months of access to the Classroom. Even if you complete the course before 18 months, you remain an enrolled student and, if you wish, you can make yourself available to assist other students at the discretion of the professor.

To sign up for online tutoring

  1. Enroll in the classroom with a one-time tuition payment of $2,700. This brings you the Home Study Course as well as classroom access. If you have already purchased the Home Study Course, your tuition payment is $2,350.
  2. Register with a user name and password for the Mises Classroom forum. (Please make your nickname your real name.) Once your payment is processed, your user name will be granted full access. You can start your sessions when this step is completed.

If you have questions, write .


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